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Getting Your Imported Car a Blue Slip in Seven Hills for Castle Hill, Blacktown, or Kellyville

If you need to register or sell a car but your registration has run out, you’ll need a full inspection in order to get a blue slip before you can go through with the registration or sale. This is the same process you’ll need to go through before registering a car being brought in from another state or from overseas.

Getting an Inspection for a Blue Slip in Seven Hills

Blue slip inspections are more extensive than the regular pink slip inspections, and tend to take longer. It includes a more extensive check of the vehicles identity to help prevent and detect theft. It also includes a design check, to make sure that the car meets particular design and construction standards as well as the safety standards specified.

Besides those, the inspection covers a number of different systems and characteristics of your car, including the lights, brakes, suspension, seats and belts, and wheels and tyres. This is to ensure that each car newly registered and brought onto the roads will be reliably operational.

Since inspections for a blue slip in Kellyville can take a bit longer than other types, it will be especially important to find a convenient shop that can accommodate your needs. Custom Car Care is close to the Seven Hills Plaza Shopping Centre, so you’ll be able to get other errands done or simply enjoy the centre while waiting.

If you need to leave and return, its also near the Seven Hills Station and other convenient public transport, and they have early drop-off and late pickup hours to help accommodate the rest of your schedule. If your home is within 2km they can also deliver your car when ready.

Importing a Vehicle Using a Blue Slip in Castle Hill

Getting a blue slip for Blacktown prior to registration is an important step in importing a car from overseas. This helps to ensure that imported cars are ready to meet Australian standards. Before you can get that done, though, there is other paperwork that needs to be done as part of the importing process.

First, you’ll need to apply to the national government for a Personal Import Approval in order to get customs clearance. You’ll also need to organise a customs agent to get your car shipped and cleared. Complete Car Care can help connect you with the right people to get through this part of the process.